For a sustainable island

Reducing nitrate pollution in our water.

For a sustainable island

Protect our soil

For a sustainable island

Working with pollinators , wildlife and nature.

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There is no membership fee, however, any donation would be greatly appreciated and will be used in pursuance of the Association's stated Aims. Even better, please consider setting up a regular payment.
To apply for membership of the JOA or to make a donation, please email and we will send you a joining form and our payment details
Members and Non-Members can visit the facebook group Jersey Organic Association.

Buy Organic and Local

Buying organic, especially locally produced, is a great way to help the cause. The more people buy organic rather than agri-bis items the more farmers and growers will be inclined to move to organic systems. We always recommend buying local if possible. That supports the Island's organic farmers and growers but also because every pound spent locally circulates locally. If you cannot buy local produce try to use a local retailer

Garden, grow, farm organically

Size doesn't matter. Whether you have a small garden or hundereds of vergees to farm you can make a contribution. Refusing to use artifical fertilizers and bee harming pesticides and looking after the soil and planting to encourage wildlife and pollinators all play their part. If you are a commercial grower, look to become accredited by an organic body like the Soil Association

Welcome to our Association

The Association was formed in 1987. Back then organic was a minor interest often treated as a concern of cranks and hippies. Over the years the ideals of sustainable living, care for the envirnment, human and animal health and fair trade have gained much more acceptance. And of course they are embedded in the orgnic movement and our Association's work.

Over the years we have organised many speakers come to the Island, both practising farmers and academics. Naturally we make responses to States pf Jersey policies and consultations on topics that concern us.

And we run campaigns


Upcoming Events


Annual General Meeting .

Followed by a talk from BirdSong Garden

Organic September

Organic September.

A Soil Association promotional campaign

This year there will be three main communication strands to the campaign:

  • What is Organic? To explain what organic is, demystify some misconceptions and help people understand why they should choose organic
  • Organic is Everyday - signposting people where to find, try and buy organic, be that in store or online
  • Organic is Certified - shining a spotlight on the fact that organic is certified and offers incredible food assurance - encouraging people to look for the logo and choose organic

Get Involved

New organic low waste Cooperative

We are pleased to see the expected launch of the the coop in October. Several of our established farming members are involved, including the JOA chair.

After 30 years we have seen certified organic production locally rise from a single farm to a dozen holdings .

And it isn't just farmers and growers. Gradually we have seen more retail outlets committed to organic products too. But it hasnt been an easy ride. You can read about some of the difficulties on the way at : too little, too late


Certified producers

Vergées managed on organic certification